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What is our GP Experience?
What kind of F1 cars will be available to drive?
What kind of Supercars will be available to drive?
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What is our GP Experience?


A Formula 1 Ride & Drive program. Our professional team will coach you for a full day in order to bring you up to the level to drive an F1 car. Our curriculum includes instruction, go-karting, supercar drive, 3-laps in an F1 car and a hot lap experience in a modified F1 race car driven by a professional driver. We offer one-package for 24 drivers maximum per day at $4,999 per person. Your guests can experience a F1 hot lap and hospitality at $999 per person. This program is the only one available in North America.

What kind of F1 cars will be available to drive?

Our chassis are 2005 up to 2011. Each chassis has an official pedigree in F1 racing. Our team will provide three F1 chassis and one F1X3 seater chassis at each event. We are using V8 and V10 engines from Cosworth, Judd and or Peugeot with more than 600 horsepower.

What kind of Supercars will be available to drive?

Our fleet of Supercars include: The Ferrari 458, McLaren Mp12-4C, Lotus Elise Cup, Porsche Turbo, and Infinity G50 Eau Rouge.
If needed, our team may substitute a car with another one of the same caliber.

How long is the experience?

It is a full day event from 8am to 6p. Seating is limited to 24 drivers per day split into 3 groups of 8 or less. You will rotate through various workshops and test drives in order to facilitate your F1 test.

What can I expect?

Excellence: We are committed to making your experience unforgettable. Our level of expertise, our team and the program protocol are state of the art. A pristine GP Experience from start to finish. Safety first: Our cars are equipped with a carbon safety cell and the cars are maintained by a professional racing operation. Hospitality: Welcome, catering, and Pirelli hostesses. Souvenir: Gift bag, video/pictures.

Is there an optimal rider profile?

To participate, the rider must be between 14 (for Ride) 16 (for Drive) and 75 years of age (riders under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times). There is no specific weight or height restriction for participation in our event however a F1 race car has limited room and is fitted with a seat, which provides lateral support. It is our experience that drivers over 6’4″/250 lbs. may be uncomfortable in a F1 car. We advise you to call us before booking an event if you fall into this category.

Who are the drivers?

Our GP driving director is Didier Theys. Didier has the most professional victories of anyone in a Ferrari 333 SP with 10. He is a two-time overall winner of the 24 Hours of Daytona, winner of the 12 Hours of Sebring, and the Sports Racing Prototype driver champion of the Grand-American Road Racing Association. In addition, stars like Simona De Silvestro and other F1 test drivers and prototype drivers are on our short list to attend specific events as requested.

What are the rules for our events?

We have specific rules for each event and every participant must follow all rules. We expect participants to behave with good common sense and to attend without any overt aggressiveness. We have the right to exclude any participant who does not follow protocol!

What is included in the price?

– Our packages are all inclusive for one person plus guest if desired (additional fee applies)
– All equipment: Helmet, racing suit, gloves, shoes, etc.
– Full Hospitality: Pirelli Meals & Miles
– Go-karting: Practice laps and one race
– Supercar experience: 4 series of 3 laps (Four different cars)
– 3-4 laps in a F1 car
– F1 hot lap with professional driver
– Gift Bag
– Insurance

How is my time scheduled?

You will be emailed all event details 10 – 15 days prior to your event. Our team will welcome you and review the briefing and instructions once you arrive at the track. The program takes a full day from 8am to 6pm.

What is the dress code?

Sport/casual is ideal and sport shoes are highly recommended. No safety equipment is required and don’t forget your camera and/or video recorder so you or your guest can capture the event!

What happens if it rains?

Light rain is not a problem. However, heavy rain can cause the event to be delayed or postponed. If a storm is persistent, we may reschedule to another date or give you the option to change your booking to another scheduled event.

How do I register?

Book online or call us at 1-855-445-9599.

Where can I stay if I want overnight accommodations?

We do our best to arrange a group rate for our guests at our host hotel.

Is your program affiliated with Formula OneĀ®?

The Formula GP Experience is unofficial and is not associated in any way with the Formula One group of companies.